First Mission as Senior Commander CSLI NC

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First Mission as
Senior Commander CSLI NC


On November 28th 2018 Dr. Thomas Draxler was nominated as “Liaison Officer of the Lazarus Union Navy Corps to cruise ships” in the rank of “Senior Commander CSLI NC“.

For 7 years he has been driving regularly for a shipping company that offers cruise holidays all over the world. As an expert in health science and martial artist he gives lectures for the guests on board, he coaches the crew on demand und he has already hold a word service at Easter 2016 on the high seas in the Indian Ocean.

This journey (07.01.2019 – 20.01.2019) took him from Singapore to Hong Kong via Brunei, Borneo and the Philippines.

The captain officially authorized him to wear the CSLI NC unifom in his activities.

Draxler was in active exchanges with the different officers on board and they were very interested in the activities of the Lazarus Union.


Lectures on board about health and values


They have been known each other for 7 years, the Assistant Officer Security and the “Edutainer“ (teacher of knowledge)


In a conversation with the Chief Security Officer


Interesting meeting with the officers for training courses and security


On the cruise liner there are about 1.200 guests and 500 crew members. Here it is in the middle of the port in Hong Kong.


Shore leave in the Philippines. Visiting a former General of the Air Force.


Shore leave Hong Kong. We already know each other from a mission in 2017.


Shore leave Borneo 

Dekret Draxler