Staffofficer Training

This course of the Leadership Academy of the Lazarus Union offers the (prospective) staff officers the possibility to learn lifelong in different fields. Within the scope of free capacities and with special official interest also civilian executives can attend seminars at the leadership academy of the Lazarus Union.

The aim of the course is to impart basic and methodological knowledge as well as the necessary in-depth knowledge about the Lazarus Union and national and international fields of activity. This contains beside subject-specific also modern leadership and management methods which are based on proven civil standards. The examination of social developments is also an integral part of the course. The course is comprehensively designed and covers issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, including political, social, historical, economic, ethical and technological aspects.

Joint training enables mutual acquaintance and understanding.


  • Understanding the basics of the Lazarus Union
  • know the tasks and organization of the Lazarus Union
  • Recognize and perform the duties and responsibilities of an officer
  • Strengthen leadership personality and the willingness to assume responsibility
  • Being able to manage a (sub)unit


Officer’s patent, to obtain the following ranks: Lieutenant CSLI- Captain CSLI*)

  Training Modules Exam Graduate Badge

Staff officer course, to obtain the following ranks: Major CSLI – Colonel CSLI *)

  Training Modules Exam Graduate Badge

*) or the corresponding ranks in the Navy Corps / AirWing