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Conference on directions for resolving tensions on the Korean peninsula

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Wolfgang Steinhardt 6-2014 150 A report by Wolfgang Steinhardt

On the day, since all accredited delegates were prevented for various reasons from attending this conference except me, I took part in this alone and have not regretted it.  It was certainly not a waste of time because the expert’s contributions to this conference were truly “visionary”.

In a short report the whole conference cannot be “retold”, but the results in summary I would say were:

It used to be held to be true that the union of East and West Germany was politically “impossible”, but it happened.. The politicians of that time seized the opportunity.

In North and South Korea, it is not “impossible” that (perhaps in the near future and certainly with the help of the People’s Republic of China) something similar could happen.

The words “impossible” or “unthinkable” have at the present time lost their meaning. “Unthinkable” or “impossible” is no more.  There just has to be a political solution, or a compromise, for all problems otherwise our world is basically lost.

We therefore hope for far-sighted and forward-looking politicians with true vision who will be willing and able to overcome the present barriers. There have been these politicians in the past, and it is sure that such politicians will exist in the future.

To bridge chasms, neutral NGOs are now more than ever encouraged to set new initiatives here, “distributing to both sides a working paper that examines how, by their exemplary effect, “little works” can bring about “big changes”.

The “Little Angles of Korea” give a perfect example of the “Angel of Peace”.  When you hear them singing and dancing one longs for a peaceful and harmonious world.

We must have a vision, because without this it doesn’t work!

We must create new perspectives beginning immediately! Every day that nothing is done, is a day wasted.

Wolfgang Steinhardt

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