CSLI ‘The Sword of Freedom’ Group training

We are for all, no one’s alone!

   Report by Mjr CSLI Bernd Höhle

Under this slogan, this year’s disaster helper training by the CSLI group formation ‘The Sword of Freedom’ was successfully carried out. We are a humanitarian organization whose members act out of their personal interest to help the needy to the best of their ability with the staff and resources available.

The help given may be simple. The SOF group commander Bernd Höhle (CSLI Major and Commander of Lower Saxony) referred to the recent events in Germany as an example. The floods brought great tragedy to residents with much loss of housing, belongings and livelihoods.

However, the aid that many people gave is an important sign, showing our human strength and sustainability. Thousands of people made ​​themselves available without asking, and their help made those affected feel that they were not alone in times of need. “This was a great and powerful gesture, which also exemplifies the ideals of our organization and our ultimate purpose and goal,” said Assistant Group Commander Danny Koch, who accompanied the participants through the course.

To ensure this continues, the SOF Directorate already has small and large-scale plans for future crisis and intervention management. The Sword of Freedom disaster aid course was held in Heidesee in Berlin, with honorary members travelling from Flensburg, Berlin, Hanover, Herne and Cuxhaven.

The content of the course stressed the important basis of self-help. Nothing is more important than good provision for your own people, so that in an emergency you can also help those who are in need. “We are particularly proud of the positive encouragement and support we have had from the German Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief,” said Bernd Höhle. For the second section of the course we were grateful for the support from the Workers’ Samaritan Federation.

Disaster Protection and First Aid Instructor Sascha Swade gave all participants the latest findings and priorities for “first aid”, not only theoretically but also through practical implementation. There are now many new impressions and goals which members of the organization want to start to implement in the future. “A solid foundation of knowledge and skills is a prerequisite for a successful operation,” said Babak Philip Saviz, all the way from Flensburg and already looking forward to the next course, which will feature the Fire and Mountain Rescue sections.