CSLI Navy Corps Canary Islands – Springtime Meeting

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Springtime Meeting

The Guards of the Navy Corps of the Lazarus Union of the Canary Island is happy about a bond of friendship given to it


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On Palm Sunday – at the beginning of the Semana Santa – the members of the Guard of the Navy Corps met bringing long their banner in order to fix a new bond of friendship at the standard.

This bond is devoted to their friends. It was a small meeting among friends which took place at the Cactus Garden. It was also the occasion to review the achievements and to talk about the experiences of working. A new area where our residents need help is to accompany the older ones of Teneriffa who only speak German to government offices and visits to the doctor.

Many of them are female. They lost their partners, are lonely now and they are relatively helpless towards public authorities and hospitals with regard to the language. All health care institutions proclaim that they do not treat foreign-language persons without any translation assistance.

At this point we support them and of course we will help free of charge concerning different needs. Our member Captain Hartmut Rust initiated this action. And it is our desire to follow his example.


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Der Kommandant mit unserer Fotografin Monica Suarez Farina


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