COVID-19 in Ghana

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COVID-19 in Ghana

Ghana 2  Report by Edward Oheneba Asiedu


Hallo CSLI,

I am CiC Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Edward Oheneba Asiedu , the commanding officer of the LAZARUS UNION in Ghana and I salute all the officers of the CSLI for all the great things you do for the organization that have led to the CORPS SAINTS LAZARUS UNION having a reputation as a reliable and enthusiastic organization for years, and which help to improve the lives of hundreds of people.  

When I heard about the coronavirus (COVID-19), I organized a fundraising ceremony to support some orphanages in West Africa, which began on April 1 and ends on April 30, 2020.

At the moment, I have deposited USD 2000 in support of the ceremony, and other CSLI colleagues here in Ghana have also raised USD 1300 to support this charity work.

Due to the spread of the virus, any contact was blocked as part of the “locked-down” last week, which makes any economic activity so difficult

This has also brought disadvantages to most orphanages in West Africa. Regarding our organization (CSLI) motto, we have decided to organize the ceremony to support these children. We not only expect money as a single donation, but used/new clothes, shoes, food and other necessities are also welcome

I believe this is the time when we show our love and care to the world to further promote the good name of the LAZARUS UNION. We would be very happy if this could be published on the homepage to get support from people outside.


With comradely regards


Lieutenant Colonel CSLI Dr. Edward Oheneba Asiedu Commanding Officer of the Lazarus Union Ghana


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