On June 4, 2015, it was held in Naples a conference on the theme of communication in emergency situations, sponsored by CSLI Italy and the Operational Centre of Civil Defence “Falchi del Sud”. Aims of the conference were the enrichment of knowledge for professionals and volunteers in the civil defence sector, and also the start of a series of public meetings through which carry prevention and education for the population in the civil defence field. The Italian CSLI Corp regularly organizes training activities and updates on relevant issues to those engaged in volunteering and activities based on interpersonal relationships (mainly related to sociological, psychological, preventive medicine, subjects). At the meeting the speakers were three experts who offered, dissimilar perspectives, giving contributions for theoretical and practical intervention. Professor Tramontano (UNISOB University) made some general comments on communication, recalling the main features of the communicative act. Dr. Miceli, of the C.O.P.C. “Falchi del Sud”, also on the basis of its experience in disaster areas, indicated operational criteria which communication should comply with when working in emergencies and post- emergency. Professor Virgili, Commander of the CSLI Italian Corp, explained the levels of interconnection and mediation between communication, socio-environmental aspects, individual reactions and the consequent behavior. He has also shortly talked about communication and stress management. Several requests of the operators for clarification and the subsequent debate have enriched the meeting. There has also been a representative of the local administration who has sought other meetings aimed mainly at young people.

Speakers table

Some CSLI Italian Corp members and two C.O.P.C. “Falchi del Sud” representatives