Rank Signs

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The CSLI cooperates with other uniformed units in the event of a disaster without an appropriate structure and chain of command any deployment would become chaotic and dangerous. For this reason, the CSLI has decided to adopt the internationally accepted principles of forming such units and the identification of command and rank structures in the form presented now, furthermore to adjust the rank and office insignia. In order to avoid confusion with army or police formations, the appendix “CSLI’ is used. This label allows other organizations to identify the forces of CSLI and furthermore to detect and classify the appropriate rank or position.

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Rank and uniform Graph
LINK toWorld Rank Insignias

After the granting of the “Special Consultative Starus” with the UNITED NATIONS, the “mid blue barrett with the UN-NGO metal badge of the LAZARUS UNION” will be used by uniformed CSLI members during special events . (Look the pictures)

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CSLI Uniform

Dear Comrades!

The CSLI is a uniform-wearing relief organisation and as such openly acts against the current ousting of all forms of uniforms from official support and rescue services. Every active CSLI service man/woman is responsible for obtaining his/her uniform and all accessories at his/her own expenses. But sustaining members not wanting to wear uniform are most welcome to assist in plain clothes during various operations like air days or homeless and handicapped persons support events. There is no compulsion whatsoever in the CSLI to wear uniform.

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