Christmas Action 2015


Christmas Action 2015


We thank all tenderers very much !

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For this year’s Christmas action The LAZARUS UNION has received from Ms Elisabeth Raidl, the owner of the Gallery Raidl “ARTPOINT 222″ (1140 Wien, Hütteldorferstr. 222), three beautiful lithographs by the artist Georg Piesch. Ms Raidl is an Honorary Grand Dame of the LAZARUS UNION who has for years been a friend from the St. Michael Order of Knights.

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Information about the Artist:

Georg Piesch spent years travelling and studying comparative religion and philosophy. In 1997 he started painting and has since had exhibitions throughout Europe, Canada and South Africa. His current exhibition ART ET CASS is at The Cass Business School, City University, London.

His art is an expression of spiritual universalism, the artist’s main focus being on the unity of everything with life itself.

Information on the works:

General information: The printing plates for these works were destroyed, so they cannot be reprinted in the future. This makes each work so much more valuable!

Work “ENERGY” (Image size 14x9cm, frame 21x27cm)

Spaceless and timeless. Universal energy is spaceless and timeless, but proceeds through space and time, is everlasting and always alive.


LAST Bid: EUR 310.- to Roland Handke-Lucht (Germany)

Work “THE BIRD’S FLIGHT” (Image size 14x9cm, frame 21x27cm)

The bird knows its way, it opens his wings and flies. We should expand our minds and, with the spirit of the bird’s wings, overcome the force of gravity.


LAST Bid: EUR 250.- to Sandy Ryan (Australia)

Work “HAPPINESS” (Image size 14x9cm, frame 21x27cm)

Happiness is an essence that makes life worth living. In this work the vital joy of happiness is clearly visible:


LAST Bid EUR 351.- to Mag.Gerhard Steinmetz (Austria)


These works can be bought until 15 December 2015 by anyone interested. The opening bid is EUR 100. for each work. The current bids will be published daily.

As an additional”thank you” fromtheLAZARUS UNION, the “winner” of theauction for each picture will receive the Grand Commander’s Star of the LazarusUnion Flame ofMercy (with certificate).

Flame of Mercy Großkommandeur 250

Where the auction final bid is more than EUR 250 per picture, the “winner” will receive the Grand Star of the Lazarus Union Flame of Mercy (with certificate).

Flame of Mercy Großstern 250

Please make bids through the LAZARUS UNION at: with the password: Weihnachtsaktion 2015 and the title of the work for which the bid applies.

The complete bidding proceeds will be handed over to the “VINZI WERKE”(Rev. Wolfgang Bucher) homeless shelter for hosting their Christmas party for the homeless. Let us not forget that our homeless now includes refugees too! We are counting on our bidders’ generosity!