CSLI Cross of Merit


Over and over again we honestly emphasise: The Lazarus Union asks neither for application fees nor for membership fees. The Lazarus Union neither receives any public aid or grant nor has it ever asked for such.

So the Lazarus Union finances its various projects only based on voluntary donations and so depends on the money of the various distinctions which can be acquired by purchase and the fees for distinctions applied for.

Distinctions which cannot be applied for are in general awarded without fees but the persons awarded are free to place a donation to the Lazarus Union AFTER having been awarded. 

We consider this open, honest, and transparent towards all persons receiving a distinction from the Lazarus Union because also a “donation“  for a distinction which can be acquired by purchase is in our eyes worthy of an award!


Valid from 1st January 2013

Excerpt from the public procurement directives

The CSLI has founded these decorations of merit and honour for exceptional service highly above the level of expectations, which may be granted to each member for outstanding humanitarian, charitable and human services. The current chairman represents the foundation of these decorations of merit outwards.

The awards are mostly granted to CSLI members, however also to non-members by decision of the executive committee, if the respective person has worked for the goals of the CSLI in humanitarian, charitable and human matters.

Each CSLI member has the right to request the award(s) for another person; the request has to be made in writing to the Secretary General or a member of the executive committee. The request must include a justification (of merit, etc.) and will be decided upon receipt by the executive committee. The setting of each stage is decided by the executive committee. The request may be rejected without justification. There is no legal entitlement. The costs for production and p&p of the insignia have to be taken over by the applicant. The insignia will become the possession of the person granted the award. (Application forms can be found in the download area.)

The CSLI has the right to cancel the granting of the award in case of dishonourable behaviour; in this case, the award has to be returned to the CSLI. You automatically accept this rule upon adoption of the award.


Postage and packing:

In general it is desired to award the insignia personally in the course of some specific event. As this will often not be possible the following postage rates apply:

Shipping to Austria EUR   6.-
Shipping to the European Union EUR 15.-
Shipping outside of the EU and overseas EUR 25.-

The insignia will be send by REGISTERED MAIL with insurance. Please make sure to provide an exact postal address for delivery.

LAZARUS UNION bank accounts

IBAN: AT901400010010128981

Pictures of the original insignias:

1a Coss of Merit Knight Cross 500

1b Cross of Merit Officer 500

1c Cross of Merit Commander 500

1d Cross of Merit Grand Commander 500

1e Cross of Merit Grand Cross 500