Asylum Seekers and Immigrants


Asylum Seekers and Immigrants

(A statement by Executive Board of the LAZARUS UNION)


The Lazarus Union supports a clear differentiation between immigrants and refugees (in the sense of seeking asylum or subsidiary protection)! Those are two completely different groups. Refugees do need our help and shall very well get it. They must be accepted immediately but they have a right to receive food, shelter in a refugee camp, and, most important to them, security. But that is about it.

The standard for this is the Geneva Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, to which also an organisation like the Lazarus Union as an NGO with “special consultative status” is bound to. But self-protection is a human right as well!

In fall this year the Lazarus Union organises together with the UNHCR a panel of experts in the UN facilities in Vienna.

Refugees can always be accommodated in another safe country, assuming that the international community meet its obligations; to guarantee their return home once it is safe there again.

A refugee does have a right to safety but not a right to receive accommodation in a certain specific country of choice to be able to receive “the highest possible social support” which sometimes not even native poor people will get in their own country!

Immigrants on the other hand want to move to a certain country to stay and to live there (for whatsoever reasons). Because of this as a minimum it can be demanded from them to behave accordingly and also to adapt themselves to the culture and the way of living in their host country as necessary.

But they have to follow the laws of their host country (no ifs, no buts) and also to take over a citizen’s responsibilities. To begin, this means to get a job and to work (as far as it is possible and reasonable) and first and foremost not to commit any crimes. (This is also called integration.) Not the host countries have to adapt themselves to the asylum seekers or immigrants but immigration is also a duty to be exercised by the immigrants! Religion is a private matter and has to remain as such. These are the foundations of western democracies and these principles are not negotiable!

They must give proof that they are worth to live in this country and in case of repeated misconducts they must bear the consequences and leave their host country. If in such a case they do not leave on of their own the laws have to be applied. Laws which are valid for EVERYONE! Immigrants AND refugees misusing hospitality or hustle it by giving wrong credentials or even break laws have to leave the country again and immediately!

Besides applying for asylum, refugees of course can also apply for immigration but this means that they will be treated according to the rules for immigrants and in case of a rejection have to move back to a refugee camp. It must be clear to illegal refugees or illegal immigrants picked up after reaching inland that (besides other lawful consequences) they have to face deportation, or other relevant sanctions.  

All attempts by asylum seekers or immigrants to force their culture or way of living (by hiding behind “tolerance”) upon their host country (sometimes even supported by misguided NGOs – well-intentioned is often the opposite of well done) must be rejected clearly and unmistakably. Hospitality does not mean to give up one’s own roots in favour of immigrants.

Too hard? Too radical?

The LAZARUS UNION views this as a most needed acceptance of reality and the LAZARUS UNION is hardly an organisation which can be insinuated racism or xenophobia to or denied tolerance or human kindness. There is hardly any other NGO which e.g. with its Knighthood of Honour so much commits itself to followers of other religions. Only if we face reality effective solutions and sustainable support can be possible. The originators of these crises should be held responsible and not those affected!

A few words regarding NGOs: The LAZARUS UNION is an NGO awarded with “special consultative status” by the UN. We want to distance ourselves from all NGOs which draw a profit from their work and make money out of the harm and distress of those “protected”. The LAZARUS UNION deliberately forgoes all subsidies and would feel thoroughly ashamed to draw advantages from the need of others. We achieve for our fellow humans what we are able to achieve voluntarily and for free and also because of this voluntariness have less than 2% of our budget as “administrative expenses”. This is a value hardly any organisation the size of the LAZARUS UNION even comes close to and which we are also very proud of!

In this sense we apply to all independent NGOs to continue with their work in this Spirit!

Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt
President of the LAZARUS UNION

PS: Already in October 2015 we took a very clear stance on this subject and received many beatings for this. Today this view we already had by then is the officially accepted position of all responsible persons as the formerly propagated “boundless welcome culture” has been found to be a big mistake.