Action „Borderless Culture“

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Action „Borderless Culture“

LtGen Chev. Roberto Ortiz  Report by Roberto Ortiz

An action of great relevance and importance of the CSLI Brazil in the second half of 2017 was held by the CSLI State Command of Sao Paulo, which organized a large cultural and solidarity campaign in the city of São Paulo.


This action received the denomination of “Borderless Culture” was hatched and led by Lazarus Union Brazil-CSLI, and joined, in a sole campaign, important elements of citizenship, solidarity and charity.

In order to bring culture to people of poor communities that do not have access or means to it, CSLI Brazil-São Paulo offered 150 tickets to the musical play “Les Miserables” and on the same occasion collected donations of clothing.

On August 26th, the people who participated in this action, received not only tickets for the play, but also free transport, and for the vast majority of them it was the first time they went to a theater.

The more than 350 pieces of collected clothing were donated to the APAE of Ferraz de Vasconcelos (Association of Parents and Friends of the Handicap Children).

At an individual cost of R$125.00 for each ticket, the monetary value of this action exceeded R$20,000.00 (approximately EUR 6,000.00).

This impressive action was orchestrated by one of the officers of the CSLI Brazil – State Command of São Paulo, which we hope will soon be able to take the lead in the State and perform other actions like these, showing once again the seriousness, the values and the commitment of the Lazarus Union Brazil – CSLI.