CSLI Flight Assistant training

18th and 19th August 2012 

A report by: Paul Wolfgang Weis, Ensign CSLI Honour Guard

Early on the hot morning of August 18th, 16 new and cheerful future Flight Assistants met at Stockerau Airfield.

Drawn from the Lazarus Order, the Voluntary Fire Brigade and other backgrounds we were indeed a varied group, but our goal was clear: we all wanted to be Flight Assistants!

Under the professional guidance of Course Tutor Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, we were first introduced to each other and then began the theoretical introduction.

After we had been sufficiently prepared for the dangers of aviation and especially those of airfields, a practical exercise was very welcome. Getting a wheelchair into a light aircraft is more complicated than it sounds!

The risks may seem negligible to the uninitiated but there are risks, not only for the Flight Assistant but also for the wheelchair user. However, these can be minimised by good training. Our course tutor introduced himself as “medium available”.

After we had mastered this task it was back to the theory, this time aviation law and the hazards of helicopters.

Later we moved outside to stake out an “outside landing field”, and see how to ensure the secure and proper refuelling of a helicopter. This holds many dangers, anything from a broken fuel pump to a violent explosion is possible if things are not handled correctly.

After a short pause came the great practice exercise for the air show: Each group, consisting of four people, was allotted its task: it had to manoeuvre a different group, including wheelchair users, into the helicopter which then made a short sightseeing flight. On its return, the helicopter passengers were manually unloaded before the next group could start. This exercise was carried out to almost professional standards.

The helicopter flight for all attendants was a highlight of the course and a wonderful experience.

Next came the written exam that everyone passed successfully and so can now wear with pride the “Silver Flight Wings” of the Lazarus Union Air Corps.

All in all it was a very informative and instructive day and I look forward to being able to use my knowledge on the flight day!

Paul Wolfgang Weis
Ensign CSLI Honour Guard


An exceptional seminar was also held under the supervision of University Lecturer and Doctor of Medicine Gabriel Halat (Executive Officer for the Medical Services of the Lazarus Union). This seminar on First Aid with the accent on life support, included many practical exercises and was particularly valuable.