70 years Service and victim

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Internationaler Peacekeepers Day
at the UNO Geneva


Währen Frederic  A report by Frederic Währen


On May 31st 2018 the International Remembrance Day for the fallen UN-Peacekeepers took place in Geneva.


“70 years’ service and victim“ is the issue of the International Day of the UN-Peacekeepers 2018. May 29th offers the possibility to appreciate the support of the uniformed and civil staff for the work of the organisation and to honour more than 3.777 Peacekeepers who lost their lives under the UN-flag since 1948. Among them 129 victims of last year. With regard to 70 years it means 1 dead person a week.


2018 the United Nations celebrate the 70th anniversary of the UN-Peacekeeping. An unique and dynamic instrument to create the requirements for a permanent peace for countries facing conflicts. The first UN-peace mission was established on May 29th 1948 when the Security Council of the UN authorized the dispatching of a small number of Military Observers to the Middle East in order to form the Peace Supervisory Board of the UN (UNTSO).


Today the UN-Peacekeeping uses more than 100.000 military staff, policemen and civil employees for 14 peacekeeping missions on four continents. Currently these UN-peacekeepers – consisting of military and police staff from 124 member states – get an appropriate equipment and support in order to enable their missions.


Peacekeeping is a real global cooperation and the high participation of nations shows a strong global trust in the value of the “flagship company” of the UN. The Peacekeeping is also a solid investment in global peace, security and prosperity. Despite the size and variety of its missions the annual budget of the Peacekeeping is just short of 7 billion Dollar per year – less than half percent of the worldwide military expenditure.


During a simple but impressive ceremony there was a memory of the dead comrades. The Peacekeeping Unities exist since 1948. During this time it suffered 3.700 fallen Peacekeepers. After the ceremony the audience went to the UNO-Conference Hall XXVI. Some statements were given and questions still open were answered. A Russian Choir of girls formed the end of this memorable anniversary celebration singing beautiful songs of their country.


Captain CSLI Frédéric Ch. Währen (Head of Delegation)

Ensign CSLI Christine M. Währen (Assistance)