37th Austrian Brass Music Festival 2016

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The LAZARUS UNION Music Corps directed by its general bandmaster CSLI Brig. Fritz Lentner was the first Viennese brass band (besides the Austrian Army Guard Band) to show its marching programme at the 37th Austrian Brass Music Festival. This programme was shown before only five times at the German International Music Parade 2016 in Würzburg, Kempten, and Stuttgart. This time they showed up in their new blue full dress. More than 3000 visitors attended the show at the Wiener Rathausplatz.


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Pictures by Hannes Hochmuth – press photographer (and here is his FIRST video!)


The 37th Austrian Brass Music Festival 2016 once again was a great success, not only for the LAZARUS UNION. 16 brass bands from all over Austria and South Tyrol played at Vienna‘s most beautiful places for the people of Vienna and the many international tourists visiting Vienna at this time of the year.

Summit definitely was the deployment of all bands at the Wiener Rathausplatz (the large place in front of Vienna‘s city hall) and the final concert played by all bands together.

The show interlude by the LAZARUS UNION Music Corps received lots and lots of applause and was definitely able to compete with the other shows. The show programme which was already shown at the German International Music Parade 2016 in Würzburg, Kempten, and Stuttgart was much applauded in Vienna as well.

From this point of view the week-long rehearsals and trainings really paid up. After all the LAZARUS UNION Music Corps is no professional team and all its members sacrificed their spare time and put in lots of efforts to enable this performance and so present the LAZARUS UNION in an excellent way in front of such a large audience.

For this a heartily “thank you“ to all those participating!

Of course a class of its own was the presentation of the band of the Austrian Army Guards. We are very proud indeed of our “partner band“, having a friendship treaty with them since 2013.

The mayor of the city of Vienna, represented by the 1st president of the Viennese city council, Prof.Harry Kopietz, after the show invited all participants to a drink in the Wiener Rathauskeller, where many honorary trophies and decrees were handed out.

A wonderful day finally ended with a comradely come-together, it ended way too fast and everybody is really looking forward to next year.

To the 38th Austrian Brass Music Festival in Vienna.

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Here You will find additional videos. Have fun to look!

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