Concert MK-EFM Germany

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First Concert
of the German Commandery
of the Naval Comradeship
„Vice Admiral Archduke Ferdinand Max“

IMG_7028  A report by Prof.Dr.Lothar Gellert, SenCmdr CSLI NC

For the first time since the existence of the German Commandery of the Naval Comradeship “Vice Admiral Archduke Ferdinand Max” the Commandery performed a concert for free together with the Shanty Choir “LEINEN LOS”.

Three days before Christmas a special concert was performed at the retirement home called “Zwei Eichen” near Osnabrück.

This concert was a great surprise for the elderly people. The Shanty Choir presented its new programme.

First of all famous shanties were sung and the residents could at least hum or clap along. Classic songs like “Heut geht es an Bord”, but also English songs like “My Bonnie is over the ocean” were sung. One of the songs was given in two languages: First of all the head of the German Commandery of the Naval Comradeship sung 2 strophes in Dutch of the song “Meisje ik ben een Zeeman” and then one strophe in the German Version.

The song „Weihnacht auf Hoher See“ introduced the Christmas carol bloc and showed that also seamen celebrate Christmas.

Together with the residents the Choir sung classic German Christmas carols like „Oh du fröhliche“, „Kling Glöckchen klingelingeling“ and „Süßer die Glocken nie klingen“.

The residents were especially happy about the song “In der Weihnachtsbäckerei” which is normally sung together with children. Many of the residents knew this song and clapped along and joined in the refrain.

After the 2-hours concert all participants agreed: “More often we will sing and play in this home to give much pleasure to the residents.” The planning has already started for an afternoon filled with songs from the 50s and 60s.