Missions of the CSLI Group Sete Lagoas-MG Brazil

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Missions of the CSLI Group
Sete Lagoas-MG

LtGen Chev. Roberto Ortiz  Report by Roberto Ortiz

In the second half of 2017 the Lazarus Union Brazil – CSLI created a new CSLI Group in the city of Sete Lagoas, in the state of Minas Gerais.

Under the impulse and initiative of the Liaison Officer for the state of Minas Gerais, which proposed as Commander of this new Group a dynamic and effective person, the Group Sete Lagoas-MG of CSLI Brazil was the most performing in these late 4 months of 2017.

Following the lead of its Commander, the Group Sete Lagoas-MG, still in the early stages of deployment, has already achieved in these first 4 months of existence to put in place 8 important charitable missions.

The inaugural mission of the Group was held on September 24, when the members of the Group organized a special day of actions dedicated to offer the community of Sete Lagoas a diversity of activities:

  • Free haircut (approximately 75 people received free haircuts);
  • Of these 75, 7 were collected especially for making wigs for cancer patients;
  • Blood pressure measurement and doctor referral if necessary (132 people had their blood pressure measured);
  • Gym Activities, stretching and dancing, with great participation of the community;
  • Distribution of sandwiches, drinks and cotton candy for more than 250 people;
  • Face painting for approximately 50 children and carnival playground for everyone;
  • Collect of hygienic material to be donated later (approximately 200 items were collected)

The second mission took place on October 15, when the Group organized a festive afternoon in the Elderly Home St. Vincent de Paul Society, in Sete Lagoas. Several free of charge activities were offered to the 66 elder people living in this household:

  • Free nail cutting
  • Free haircut
  • Artistic face Painting
  • Painting of fingernails
  • Adornments such as hats, glasses, feathers, masks, to take pictures.
  • Live music, singing, guitar and accordion
  • Donation of clothes and hygiene items

The third mission was a speech to encourage and help people stop smoking that was held on 25 October and attended by 21 people.

In early November the Group begun the fourth mission, which will be continuous. On this mission, the members of the Group will collect uneaten food at parties, seminars, events, and other occasions and will distribute these foods immediately to entities in need of the city of Sete Lagoas. These collects have been already carried out on two occasions and we hope to expand the partnerships so that next year happen even more.

In mid-November the Group started a long-term mission aimed at helping a family to rebuild their house. The Group Sete Lagoas works to collect donations of construction materials and organizes the participation of volunteers who will use these materials to rebuild the house of Ms Marilda and his two boys of 11 and 13 years. The Group Sete Lagoas already got a donation of material worth more than R$3.500,00 (approximately EUR 1.000,00) and will continue seeking help and this family.

In late November the Group began a mission with the goal of helping the Association Therapeutic Community Santa Catarina de Sena, non-profit institution specialized in treatment for women with disorders resulting from the use of alcohol and other drugs. In this first action the Group donated clothes and magazines, which will be sold by the Association for fundraising, and secondly the Group will help in obtaining an official license so that the Association can sell the collected material at street and public fairs and markets.

The Group also participated in the launch of the project of creation of a reading room intended for children of the community of Sete Lagoas. The Group has donated 120 books for the initial formation of this reading room.

Finally, in an action that aims to support the creation of a library at CONCEPE (Council on Penal Execution of Sete Lagoas), the Group collected and donated 220 literary books, 80 educational books and 6 handouts. Each of the books was duly verified in its literary content and quality, and only after this survey the books received the official donation stamp of the Lazarus Union Brazil.

The beginning of the activities of the Grouping Seven Ponds of Saint Lazarus Brazil Union has been admirable and we hope that in the year 2018 this cluster continue at this pace and be an example not only for Brazil but also for all other countries the Lazarus Union International.

Here some Pictures from the various events: