Donaton to “Tafel Burgkunstadt”

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Christmas donation of the
Lazarus Corps Germany
to the “Burgkunstadter Tafel”

Sven Dietel  Report by Sven Dietel, Commander in Chief CSLD

BURKUNSTADT 21. December 2017- Since the founding of the Burgkunstadter-Tafel and for the eighth time, Sven and Katja Dietel and Hermann-Dietrich Streit presented Christmas donations as representatives of the Corps Saint Lazare International (CSLI).

The donors of the CSLI and the Soldiers and Traditions Camaraderie (STK) Lettenreuth have collected over € 2,000 to make the table customers happy before Christmas. Especially the STK Lettenreuth, but also all other patrons of CSLI Germany deserve a big thank you for this annual fundraiser. This year Sven and Katja Dietel bought and bagged sweets for a total of 155 “children’s bags” as well as sausage products for 89 food bags. Every year this presents are the highlights of the Christmas event of the Burgkunstadter Tafel and the special joy of table customers. Not one family goes home from this Christmas event, without thanking them warmly.

The Corps Saint Lazare International, to which the couple Dietel and Hermann-Dietrich Streit belonging, is a civil aid organization that acts according to the ideals of St. Lazarus. Members of the Corps have taken up the cause of bringing joy to other people, providing disaster relief and providing for the disabled and the homeless. All members are volunteers. “It is very sad that in our civilized world more and more people need help and support in our immediate neighborhood,” said Sven Dietel, “and here the Lazarus Union can and will help”.

Silke Mohler, chairman of the Burgkunstadt-Tafel, thanked all table customers for the Christmas presents, which are very welcome just before the holidays. “Your commitment deserves great admiration and we can hardly believe that you’ve been able to make such a large donation for the eighth time,” she said, evoking the joy of the whole dinner team and the dinner. 

Spende CSLI und SK Lettenreuth

Outstanding donation action: Chairwoman Silke Mohler (middle) and her deputy Ulrike Kuhn (right) are happy about the outstanding donation action and forewarded many thanks (from left to right)  to Katja Dietel with daughter Leni, Sven Dietel, Alexa Dietel and Hermann-Dietrich Streit.

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