Magic of Martial Arts in Herne

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Magic of Martial Arts in Herne

SOF/MAA Charity Seminar

Bernd Höhle  Report by Bernd Höhle-Kleinertz

Again there was a very special atmosphere at the Multistyle Seminar “Magic of Martial Arts”. In spite of holidays almost 200 martial artists from different clubs accepted the invitation of the Martial Arts Association – International ( under the leadership of Bernd Höhle (SOF Commander, Deputy Union Commander & General CSLI) and the organising club KSK Herne e.V. under the leadership pf Grandmaster Hans-Jürgen Eul (member of the board of SOF and member of CSLI).

Peter Archillis and Peter Karpinski – members of the board of the „Stadtsportbund“ – opened the benefit martial arts seminar. The moderator Grandmaster Robert Chwalek accompanied the participants through the event. There were five learning units that took place in parallel on different areas. Each lecturer knew on his own way to inspire the participants and to give a lot of martial arts. “Martial artists no matter what colour of bent can get an overview of the different martial arts and can learn something new and in this way they can experience the different facets of martial arts”, said the organiser Bernd Höhle.

Lecturers were: GM Sin-Kil Yoon (TKD), GM Robert Chwalek (FIST), GM Bernie Willems (Kickboxing), GM Wolfgang Roszik (Hapkido), GM Thorsten Isringhausen (Kali), GM Salvatore Tiso (Hwa Rang Husunsul-Do), Grandmaster Alex Dergal (Thai-Kickboxing), Grandmaster Andy Güttner, Grandmaster Kai S. Thiemann (Ju-Jutsu-Do), Master Holger Diemann (Luta Livre), Master Cennet Öztop (Kids Action), Grandmaster Karsten Förster (Tai Chi), Grandmaster Giuseppe Gramegna (Kobutan), GM Klaus Uschkurat (All-Style-Karate), Grandmaster Maik Sülzle (Warrior Soul Fighting), Grandmaster Mehmet Ülker (TKD), Master Ralf Kussler (Muay Boran), Grandmaster Harald Schimanski (Hapkido), Grandmaster Arnold Rieser (Taekwon-Do), Master Gerhard Behrends (Kickboxing), Master Knut Barde (Kickboxing), Master Andy Flum (Ni-Shi-Kai), GM Carlos Pulanco (Agos Kamay).

Guests were GM Florian Hahn, GM Hermann Harms, GM Andreas Brinkmann und GM F. Schug. The event was actively supported by Raymond Schulz and his medical staff.

The proceed of the benefit seminar will be used for aid projects of the “Martial artists with Heart-Initiative” of the Martial Arts Association in cooperation with the child welfare organisation International Children Help e.V. under the leadership of Dr. Dieter F. Kindermann.

There was a consistently great feedback from the participants regarding the smooth running and the variety of the educational programs. “The athletes were really motivated”, the organiser Andreas Heeger said joyfully.

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