April 1st – but not an April Fool´s joke


April 1st – but not an April Fool`s joke

Wolfgang Steinhardt 100 NEU 2019 Senator Prof.h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt
Founder of the Lazarus Union
Gellert Lothar Juli 2019 100 Prof.DDr. Lothar Gellert
General Plenipotentiary of the Lazarus Union

Dear Comrades!
Dear friends and patrons of the Lazarus Union!

Exactly one year ago, after more than twelve years, I took the leadership of the Lazarus Union into the (younger) hands of Prof.DDr. Lothar Gellert. In retrospect, this was an excellent choice, because Lothar has managed to take the leadership of the Lazarus Union firmly into his hands, to set new impulses, to adapt the organization to current needs and to acquire the respect and loyalty of all comrades.

It is not easy to take over the leadership of such a large and globally represented organization, but Lothar has managed to accomplish this massive task with great personal commitment and with the help of his family. I would like to congratulate Lothar personally from the bottom of my heart and to thank him sincerely for this.

I would also like to thank all the members of the Presidium, the Supervisory Board, regional commanders and command officers for the fact that the handover of command was so smooth and practically without “frictional losses”. If I’m honest, I didn’t expect it any otherway. I have known most of my comrades for many years and I know their commitment to live “the spirit and ideas of the Lazarus Union”.

The biggest difficulty to solve was the fact that many members still regarded me as a “shadow president” who is still “consulting to “make sure” that everything is “running right.”

Once again: I was not. I, am not and I will not be a “shadow president” in the future. I founded, built and led the Lazarus Union for more than twelve years. Now younger people are in demand to continue this work and to set new impulses. Lothar is a lucky hit and leads the Lazarus Union with heart, mind and consistency. In fact, I think that the Lazarus Union is doing even better today than it was when I handed it over to Lothar. That’s wonderful and I hoped it.

The fact that I am always in the heart of the Lazarus Union and that this will remain in the future is an honorable matter for me. It is also an honorable matter for me to work further on for the Lazarus Union as far as I can. But NOT as “shadow president”!

I wish you all much joy and fulfillment in your activities for the Lazarus Union, for others and also for yourself. Never stop and never stop to start and always think of our four main principles: tolerance, humility, humanity, and mercy.

Take care of You and remain healthy!